Favela Walking Tour

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Favela Tour

Enjoy a day tour to the Rocinha favela (shantytown) (the largest favela in Rio and in South America). Our tours are organized with our local English speaking tour guide Bruno. Bruno himself comes from a favela and as your local host will introduce you to life in the favela and what it means to the people living here.

Most visitors to Rio de Janeiro have probably heard about or seen the movie “City of God“. To be honest we feel that this movie creates an unfortunate stereotype of our marvelous city and the many favelas in Rio. In order to correct this stereotype and show people the true modern Rio de Janeiro, we have developed a special favela tour. Let us take you to the Rocinha favela and show you how daily life happens in this part of the city.

The favela tour is non-intrusive and respectful of the lives of the people living in the Rocinha favela. We do not operate a “zoo-tour” in jeeps like some of the other tour companies. We focus on a genuine experience with the aim to educate our guests about the favelas which are such a big part of life in Rio. Our transport is a Mini Bus that will take to the Favela. The guide will inform you the history of the favela as well as the social and economic challenges found here. As the tour groups are small you will be able to meet some of the locals, inside the favela and hear their stories.

You can also take photos of the breath-taking views offered by the favela, of Ipanema, the Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer.

The favela tour usually takes about 4 hours. Your price covers your transportation and a monetary contribution to the favela community. Visiting a favela with us is safe and will give you a new perspective on Rio. Feel free to ask any questions and order now your favela tour by filling out the registration form or giving us a whatsapp!

Obs: We offer private tours as well. You can have the guide just for your group.

What’s include

  • Transport (depending where you stay, there is meeting point nearby)
  • Expert tour guide

OBS: Pick up only in Zona Sul of Rio

What to bring

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Camera


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