Capoeira Classes

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Capoeira Classes

Capoeira classes consist of the following:

  • Movement – physical training that develops defending and attacking movements that incorporate acrobatics and dance.
  • Music – playing percussion instruments and singing Brazilian Capoeira songs.
  • Game strategy – understanding the capoeira game and developing mental strategy, intuition and trickery.
  • Cultural understanding – knowledge and appreciation of capoeira’s history and Afro-Brazilian roots, and an awareness of how capoeira has evolved and exists around the world today.

Let us take you out and experience the magic of Capoeira in Rio. Come and enjoy the pleasures of the brazilian culture in Rio which will make your capoeira a real pleasure.

Capoeira is a game between two people. It’s like a game fight to music with skill, strategy, dance, and acrobatics. Playing capoeira involves a spontaneous and spectacular exchange of non-contact attacking and defensive movements, where the two players try to create an opportunity to trick, trip or kick their partner. There is no official winner but players and spectators will each decide who played the best game!

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